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My Purpose

I am not here to create something just to sell it - I am here to make people feel something, to think about things that they might not otherwise. To make people want to create a positive change in some way, shape or form. I strive to make music that leaves people a little different than they were before they heard it.

I want to talk about the things everyone can relate to but are too afraid to say out loud.

I want to help people feel a little more at home with themselves so that they are able to share who they are with the world without fear or apology. 

I believe that conscious intention, vulnerability, authenticity, and honesty are four things that can change the world. 

Thank you for walking with me. 



Music has been a part of Katie Buxton’s life since the beginning. Her journey in song began with humming in the car before she could talk. Throughout elementary and middle school she was trained in voice and guitar and continued her musical training and experimentation in high school with rock bands, songwriting, and Berklee’s Five Week Performance Program, where she was a finalist in the Songwriting Showcase and received mentorship from singer/songwriter Melissa Ferrick and Sally Taylor, songwriter and daughter of James Taylor.


Katie moved from her hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Nashville, Tennessee in 2014 to attend Belmont University for Songwriting. In the fall of 2015 she was accepted into Belmont’s Bear House Writer Management as well as the ASCAP Writers Showcase and started recording her first EP. In April of 2016 she was one of ten to work with and receive songwriting critiques from Desmond Child for two days; the same year, she was chosen as a finalist in the 2016 American Songwriting Awards with her song "Painted Hearts", and in September 2016 played Unify Fest with Trevor Hall and Mike Love. With the release of her single "You Flew", she was featured as a New & Notable artist on the NoiseTrade homepage, as well as under the site's Top Downloads. In October 2016, Katie performed as a semi-finalist in the Music City Big Break Concert Series and just a few days later made her debut at the world famous Bluebird Cafe. Katie tours the U.S. regularly and has shared the stage with several accomplished artists and songwriters, including Lewis Watson, John Paul White (previously of The Civil Wars), ACM Song of the Year winner Natalie Hemby and #1 writers Heather Morgan and Kelley Lovelace.


Katie uses her music as a tool to bring to light topics that everyone can relate to but usually don't talk about - she strives to bring her listeners back to their own truths by speaking and living her own. She is influenced by artists like Ben Rector, Nahko & Medicine for the People, and Liz Longley, as well as the natural world, personal experiences, and the characteristics of our society. 


Katie’s music can be found on all major digital music platforms. Her first full-length album, Something Different, was released on all digital platforms May 25th, 2017. In her own words, "Something Different is how I see the world we're all working towards - where peace and awareness for everything around us is abundant and everything is in balance. Where every person feels free to speak and live their truth. These songs are exactly that - they are my truth and my way of working to make this world better."

Something Different

*Front Cover.png

I chose a rhino for the cover of this album for one main reason - rhinos are unique in the way that they hold this quiet power - they're never depicted as aggressive or predatory, yet they hold this sense of strength and power simply by being and existing as they are. That is what this album is for me, and it is so much of what I stand for. This album is me speaking my truth. It's unfiltered, honest, vulnerable, and full of why's - why does it take losing everything to start a revolution? Why do people give their attention to those who have pretty Instagram photos but nothing to say? Why do we treat life as something to be taken seriously, when we're all really just dying in different ways? It is me questioning and calling for positive change and standing rooted in all that I am and know to be true, and I hope that it can inspire others to do the same.

Album Credits

Produced by Sean Rogers and Jason Schmidt

Engineered and mixed by Sean Rogers at Hey World Productions

Additional engineering - Daniel Johnston 

Mastered by Brysson Rockwell at Bulwark Mastering

“You Flew” produced and mixed by Sal Oliveri

“Painted Hearts” produced and mixed by James Vrettos

All Vocals - Katie Buxton    |    All songs written by - Katie Buxton

Drums and Percussion - Jason Schmidt    |    Drums on "Heavenly Father" - Brian Clancy

Bass - Jason Schmidt (Rich, Revolution, People Only Listen When it Looks Good), Mark Vinceguerra (Dying In Different Ways), and Sean Rogers (Words Are Dead)

Acoustic Guitars - Katie Buxton    |    Electric Guitars and Programming - Sean Rogers

Cello - Gideon Klein    |    Violin - Laura Epling

Trombone - Roy Agee    |    Trumpet - Jon-Paul Frappier    |    Saxophone - Evan Cobb

Thank You's

First and foremost, I need to say a huge thank you to Sean Rogers and Jason Schmidt for not only producing and helping me create this album, but for believing in me more than almost anyone. Watching you both throw yourselves into the project simply because you were passionate about it was the greatest honor. Thank you Daniel Johnston as well for all your help and support during the recording process. Thank you Sal Oliveri for turning “You Flew” into a masterpiece and James Vrettos for helping me make “Painted Hearts” real, and Luke Gilfeather for initially mastering them both. Huge thank you to Brysson Rockwell of Bulwark Mastering for putting the finishing touches on the album and making the final product so beautiful. Thank you to all the musicians who blessed this project - Roy Agee, Evan Cobb, Jon-Paul Frappier, Gideon Klein, Laura Epling, Forrest Finn, and Mark Vinceguerra. Thank you to Bethany Rogers for helping me document the making of this album through your beautiful photos. Big thank you to Marissa Quinn for the mindblowing cover art and making my vision a reality. Huge thank you to everyone who contributed to my crowdfunding campaign to fund the album costs, including Kim Hawkins and the Hawkins family, Lucy Buxton, Jeff Buxton, James Startzell, Danny Durazzo, Martha Jameson, Sarah Morrison, Helen Jameson, Edward Sutton, Jodi Marr, Lewis Loh, Mary Sweeney, Jim Gutekunst, Keegan Neverett, Debbie Ives, David Thornton, Vicki Abens, Sam Crawford, and Jean and Colleen Wilson. Thank you Joey Brodnax for always being so generous with your time and helping me with video and design, among other things. Thank you to Matt Scherer, Brandon Day, and Jon Delange at Tinderbox Music and Charlotte Gomes at Project Light Agency for help with promo and getting my music out into the world. Thank you Jonny Carroll for helping me with booking so that I could put more of my energy into this project, and for introducing me to life on the road. Thank you Gavin for delivering the message from my guides back in October that gave me the strength and validation I needed to make this album and stand rooted in my truth. I still hear it in my head all the time. Huge, huge thank you to Amy Hart for seeing something in me from the very beginning and being so dedicated and passionate about making my dreams a reality. You are the biggest blessing and I have an overwhelming amount of gratitude for all of your help and encouragement. Thank you to every person in my life who holds me up and surrounds me with love, support, and encouragement to dream even bigger - there are so many of you. Thank you Hunter for so, so much. And finally, thank you mom for being just as excited about my path as I am, and always embracing every part of me with every part of you. 


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